Witches!? In Salem?! (A Brief & True Narrative Edition)
Coming Soon!
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Type of Show
Short Play
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1 act
Performing Groups
Community Theatre
High School/Secondary
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Welcome to the sneaky, coming-soon page for the shorter version of Witches!? In Salem?! This version will be without the devil, curse-y bits, and other parts a high school administration might not like. Bonus: It will be cut down to a length best suited for competitions or shorter presentations. Hit that big, green subscribe button to be the first to know when this short version is available.

Matt Cox, creator of Puffs, has written a different play involving witches. Witches!? In Salem?! is a darkly comedic, yet (mostly) historically accurate take on the Salem Witch Trials and all the (mostly) historically accurate horrors which may occur when populism runs rampant, injustice is a day to day occurrence, and a rigid religious minority sets the laws of the land. You know, old timey problems. A companion, or an alternative, to a certain other Salem play you probably read in high school. 

Cox delivers a delicious take on pre-American history in the style of Mel Brooks meets Monty Python meets Armando Iannucci. And then there's that should probably just sign up for updates now so you can read it when it's available.

Looking for the full-length versions in all their glory? Here they are. 
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