Equity, Access, and Inclusion

Uproar Theatrics was founded with a commitment to supporting and diversifying the next generation of theatre through the stories told, the writers who tell them, and the communities who bring them to life.

This conversation will always surpass a static webpage. We will continue to hold space for this dialogue, ask questions, and champion art and artists that reflect the continuum of human ability and experiences.

What shows can our theatre perform? What part can I play? How do I pick a show that everyone in my organization can be a part of?

When you see 5f/3m, that implies female/male-identifying. That’s a little myopic, right? But that number/letter combination can be a helpful starting place.

There’s not an easy or quick answer here. Casting summaries are inherently weird, sometimes inaccurate, and not always inclusive.

A lot of shows call for specific casting. Sometimes it has to do with a character’s vocal range, sometimes physical appearance, and sometimes it has to do with the fabric of a character’s identity.

Read the character breakdowns.

Read the playwright’s notes.

Not all shows are going to be the right fit for all theatres, and that’s OK. Make the best decision for your organization and community, and if you get stuck, reach out.

Have questions about equity, diversity, and inclusion in theatre? Have any suggestions about what we can do next or what we can do better?

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