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A playwright, a composer, an actor and a lawyer walk into a bar…and end up having a transformative discussion about how the current licensing system's a bit behind the times and ripe for disruption. The internet...is a thing that exists now. We don't depend on theatre critics or buying cast recording CDs at Tower Records anymore (RIP) as our only way to learn about incredible new shows.

We're not a publisher. We only license, and we peddle in digital files. No more erasing librettos and mailing them back. Working with pixels instead of pencils gives creators the ability to keep making their pieces better. We get a new draft, it's up on the website as the new licensed version right away.

We're on a mission to open up the theatrical pipeline to bring thrilling, fresh theatre to the people - all the people. Not just the ones in New York City. Dive into the perusals, check out the video and audio, and holler if we can answer any questions.

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Our Founders

Kyle Holmes
Nathan Sheffield
Laura Hall
David Taylor Gomes
Patrick Holmes
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