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Open, Stay
Music and Lyrics by Anna DeNoia
Arranged and Orchestrated by Joshua Villa
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Minimal, if at all.
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Very minimal: all that is required is a door.
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Paranoia, grief, joy, jealousy — from awkward first encounters to bitter goodbyes, this new song cycle for the skeptical romantic wrestles with what we owe and what we can expect from one another. Remove the mush, add the clever, lean into the fresh: and now you have Open, Stay.

Spanning musical genres woven together masterfully with subtly repeated musical themes, Open, Stay is a collection of ten moments of connection — beginnings, endings and in-betweens, as well as the moments that come long after we part ways. Full of laughter, loss, and lessons learned, it is an exploration of how we love and how we lose one another, all connected by the need that brings us together — the need for each other.

Perform Open, Stay live as it moves like wildfire through TikTok.

Three different versions:
Song cycle, scripted scenes, and the opportunity to devise scenework.  See below in "overview" for more information.
Open, Stay can be performed three different ways:

1. The song cycle (music only, no scenes: 45 minutes long)
2. The song cycle with supplemental scripted 10 character structure (short scenes connecting stories and songs: 60 minutes long)
3. Open format for devised work (music provided, with the story, script and structure assembled uniquely by and for each individual production)

The show as scripted calls for a cast of 10, any gender. The workshop production as transcribed here has a cast of ten. Roles can be doubled for a smaller cast. All characters can be played by anyone of any age, race, or gender. Minimum 4 performers for cabarets or devised processes. Songs available in alternate keys upon request.
OPEN, STAY is written for a band of 8 players:  keyboard (piano and Rhodes), guitar (acoustic, electric with overdrive+chorus and wah-wah pedals, and hollowbodied), bass, drums, two violins, viola, and cello. The song cycle can also be performed as a reduced orchestration of 6 players that does not include Violin 2 and Viola. The reduced books also includes "The Arizona Song" in two keys: C major and Bb major (Steven's Key). Additional keys not listed in the original score can be requested. 

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