Joshua Villa
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Joshua Villa is a Virginia Beach native composer, arranger, orchestrator, music director, musician, and vocalist studying Music Composition at James Madison University. While studying at JMU he's shown himself to be a versatile musician in many different genres and ensembles, including classical opera, jazz, big band, and musical pit orchestras. Joshua has also been on the writing team for several original musicals, composing original scores as well as music directing and leading musicians in rehearsals for many concerts and productions. His passion lies with making music for the stage, and telling meaningful stories in every note and word he writes. Joshua strives to make meaning in his music, creating a voice for the voiceless. Speaking the universal language of music as an audible embodiment of the heart.
Our shows by Joshua Villa
Open, Stay card
Open, Stay
Music and Lyrics by Anna DeNoia
Arranged and Orchestrated by Joshua Villa
Short Musical or Song Cycle