Casey Hurt
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Casey Hurt is something between a rival preacher and a prodigal son. His music is black coffee honest, blending the sounds of Southern Gospel, Rock and Roll, Country Music, and RnB. Chris Stapleton meets Levon Helm. Tracy Chapman meets Alan Stone. 

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote that his music “Grabs hold and lift your spirits even higher. [These] songs strike the ear as instantly familiar and part of the fabric of American life.” “There is a certain tone to Casey Hurt’s voice. It is a kind of stoic tranquility that draws you in until you find yourself fixed in a state of rapt attention… His music is all heart and soul; passionate, radiant, transcendent, and transparent.”  Takeema Hoffman: Yoo-N-LA Magazine. 

Hurt is best known for his song Mended Souls, which was featured on the tv show Criminal Minds. Mended Souls has been streamed over 1,000,000 times, and downloaded in over 70 different countries. Hurt’s music has also been featured on Pretty Little Liars, The Night Shift, One Tree Hill, Necessary Roughness, and The Hallmark Channel.  

In 2015 he won Best Blues Song at the (INSC) International Songwriting Competition for his song, Sin Perfume. Hurt’s work is also known in the theater community. He has written, performed, and music directed shows for The American Conservatory Theater, Berkeley Repertory Theater, The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and South Coast Repertory Theater.  

When not on tour, Hurt continues writing and recording songs for television and film. He is currently working on his 4th studio album, due out in October of 2021.

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