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The Boy in the Bathroom
Book and Lyrics by Michael Lluberes
Music and Additional Lyrics by Joe Maloney
Type of Show
Performance Type
Performing Groups
Tech Requirements
Minimal, flexible
Cast Summary
2f, 1m
Inside a very normal-looking suburban home is David, a young man who lives in the bathroom and never comes out, eating only what flat food his mother can fit under the door. The Boy In The Bathroom, a musical by Michael Lluberes and Joe Maloney, takes a delicate and riveting look at a young man’s experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder as he struggles to let another person in. 

This Richard Rogers Award finalist has met glowing reviews at Adirondack Theatre Festival, Chance Theatre, and Bloomington Playwrights Project, and has won numerous awards, including the NYMF Award for Best New Musical and the American Harmony Prize.

“This musical deserves to become a staple Off-Broadway and at regional theaters around the country. 
- BroadwayWorld

"An ingenious new musical." 
-Orange County Register

“The kind of emotionally-powerful musical production that intimate, black box theaters can winningly stage for years to come. ...This moving new musical - at times warmly amusing, at times deeply heartbreaking - is certainly worthy of your time."
David has built an entire world for himself inside of his bathroom, refusing to leave for over a year. His mother cares for him, feeding him only food that can fit underneath the door. But when he meets Julie, a young woman who dreams of seeing what lies beyond the confines of their small Michigan town, David realizes that there may be something – or someone – worth opening up to…
2f, 1m
Male Principals
Female Principals
Male, 24. Hyper-intelligent, sensitive, philosophy major. Suffers from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Riddled with anxiety, he confines himself to the bathroom, where he’s been living for over a year. He’s afraid of the outside world and refuses to leave.
Baritenor (belt to F sharp)
Female, 40’s-50’s. David’s mother. Overweight. Fiercely protective of her son. An enabler. She slips food and pages from books under the bathroom door to her son.
Alto (belt to D)
Female, 20’s. A little rough around the edges. Alternative. Funny. A realist. Disillusioned with the world. Wrecked her car in an accident and is looking to get out of town.
Mezzo-soprano/high belt/strong mix (belt to F sharp)
One piano.  That's all.
Orchestra Size:
Piano Only
Orchestration for Instruments: