Type of Show
Full-length Play
Performance Type
1 act
80 min
Performing Groups
Professional Theatre
Community Theatre
Tech Requirements
Cast Summary
4 actors with doubling (2W, 2M) – or up to 21 actors without doubling.
A former singer, now realtor, struggles with the online dating scene after becoming a widow two years ago… only to have her life turned upside down when she finds a mysterious note from her dead husband telling her it’s okay to “move on.” A modern, romantic comedy for grown-ups about love, loss, and finding your Forever Home.

Snappy dialogue and laugh lines galore. Romance for actual adults. 'Lil tears that sneak up outta nowhere because what the heck isn't this supposed to be a comedy?  Jason Odell Williams' comedy ON THE MARKET serves up a tour-de-force for four actors or a fantastic ensemble piece for more. This comedy marries broad sketch style moments with intimate realism, seamlessly creating big laughs and big catharsis.

Excellent! Superb! Contains some of the wittiest one-liners and most delightful dialogue as the main character tries to put herself back on the market and find love. A fun little elevator ride through the hell that is online dating. Anyone who has been through a breakup will relate. When the curtain comes down, the conversation is just beginning.
–   City Pulse, Lansing, MI

Williams delivers a rom-com with one laugh line after another that leaves a hopeful lump in your throat.
–  David Andreatta, Editor, City News, Rochester
ON THE MARKET follows Charlotte as she tries to find her romantic footing once again, two years after the death of her late husband James. Diane and Frank, her friends and realtor coworkers, cheer her on as she slogs through several blind dates (secretly set up by Diane), all the while Charlotte soldiers on in therapy as she tries to "win grief." At a house showing, Charlotte discovers a long lost poem from her dead husband telling her to move on. She thinks it’s a sign and begins dating a nice guy named Mark…who turns out to be a dud. No sooner does Charlotte learn about Mark’s dubious behavior than she also discovers that the poem was actually written by Diane to help Charlotte move on. Charlotte feels betrayed, and Frank tells Charlotte about his own secret crush. Charlotte and Frank kiss, but then she thinks things are moving too fast. She resolves once again to focus on work and goes on a spree of showing houses to all sorts of wacky characters. 

A flashback memory of her first date with James helps Charlotte realize it’s finally time to move on… and sell the house they lived in when married. While showing it, she discovers a letter and receives a gift, this time actually from James. Sent a few days before his death, the letter and present comfort Charlotte as he tells her he hopes she can eventually move on. She moves closer to her daughter in NYC, and gives Frank an LIRR pass so he can visit any time he likes. They decide to keep seeing each other, taking things slow. The play ends with Charlotte describing the real estate listing for the new apartment she’s renting in Greenwich Village, but  also describing herself and how she is finally off the market.
4 actors with doubling (2W, 2M) – or up to 21 actors without doubling.
White female, 40s-50s. Jewish American, raised in Israel (no accent.)
Female, 40s-50s, any race.
Male, 40-50s, any race.
Male, 40s-50s, any race.
Suggested doubling breakdown of additional characters when using four actors:
- DIANE also plays Eccentric Wife, Rustic Wife, Excited Girlfriend and Nice Wife. - FRANK also plays Date #2, Date #4, Eccentric Husband, Chatty Husband 1, Rustic Husband, and Nice Husband. - JAMES also plays Grief Counselor, Date #1, Date #3, Mark, Chatty Husband 2, Excited Boyfriend, and Delivery Guy.
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