Become the Flowers
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If the world was coming to an end, who would you want to spend your last hours with? And what if that person isn't at all who you would choose?  

Become the Flowers was developed under the dense wildfire smoke from the California Camp Fire in 2018. Mirroring the thoughts and feelings shared by many living on the West Coast at that time, the piece grapples with grief, fear, mental health struggles, and the deep, visceral craving for connection while staring in the face of the end of the world.

On this unremarkable park bench, the rain begins to fall lightly and the apocalypse unfolds delicately.

"Our audiences connected on so many levels with this play. It drives into our hearts, across generations and geography, asking such important questions of us."
- Mindy Cooper Grenke, co-founder and director of Catalyst: A Theatre Think Tank

Violet is an artist who never got to fulfill a dream of becoming a parent; Morgan is a scientist who only recently found love. The two never expected to see each other again - not after their post-breakup friendship ended in an argument at a funeral. But in the face of an environmental apocalypse, they must find comfort and healing in spite of, and maybe even because of their history.
Script Versions
The High School Edition Includes language edits to make the story more appropriate for many high school stages.
1f, 1m or 2m or 2f
F, 34 - any ethnicity.
M, 35 - any ethnicity