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Beautiful Hair
Book, Music and Lyrics by Ronvé O’Daniel
Type of Show
Short Musical
Performance Type
1 act
45 min
Performing Groups
Professional Theatre
Community Theatre
High School/Secondary
Movement Requirements
Minimal to ample - lots of dance opportunities
Cast Summary
3f, 1m, 2e with an ensemble as large as you want!
W-W-M-D: What would Michelle do?
How are you supposed to survive high school, get accepted into Princeton, and convince your crush that you are not, in fact, "just like a sister" to him?? As Marcus says, "we all know good and well Michelle would walk out there in full black girl magic with a dope fit, hair laid, and them arms and she would turn this whole situation around quicker than you can say Obama!"

But for Jamila, it's not that easy.

Debuting in 2021 at City Springs Theatre Company as a movie-musical, Beautiful Hair was such a hit it reached over 60,000 audience members that season. With an infectious score that fuses hip-hop, R&B, and pop, this forty-five minute coming-of-age musical is sure to inspire, uplift, and teach the greatest lesson of all: self-love.
Beautiful Hair is the story of an academically gifted, African-American high school senior named Jamila who runs for Student Body President as she attempts to improve her academic resume for Princeton. When Jamila finds herself the target of a cruel bully who just so happens to be the most popular girl in school, she is forced to confront the bully, her fears and her deepest insecurities. 
3f, 1m, 2e with an ensemble as large as you want!
Female Principals
Male Principals
In an effort to maintain the spirit and intention of BEAUTIFUL HAIR, casting should reflect the pronouns as written specifically for the roles of JAMILA, HARPER and MARCUS. Additional principle and supporting roles such as NYEMA, INTERVIEWER 1, INTERVIEWER 2 and ENSEMBLE can as fittingly be portrayed as anyone: male identifying, trans, gender fluid and/or non-binary actor/actress. To that end, please feel free to adjust any pronouns/language accordingly to reflect actor identity. Songs available in alternative keys upon request.
An African American Girl/Woman, late teens. Quirky, charming, intelligent and wise beyond her years. Michelle Obama is totally her idol and she wants nothing more than to attend Princeton just like her. Think Lyric Ross with a little bit of Willow Smith with the vocal range of Chloe x Halle.
Soprano with a pop belt, rap a plus
An African American Girl/Woman, late teens. The antagonist and most popular girl in school (duh), attractive, confident and energetic. She's someone who is never told "no"...she always gets what she wants, when she wants it - otherwise, there's trouble! Yara Shahidi with the confidence of a Megan Thee Stallion.
Pop soprano, rap
An African American Boy/Man, late teens. Charming, funny/comedic, handsome, undeniable swagger...and completely oblivious to it all - but he's lovable despite that. Strong rapper/singer/actor who moves well. A young Damon Wayans Jr. With a dash of Lamorne Morris mixed with the talent of an Usher.
An African American Woman late teens/early 20s, part of ensemble. Jamila's older sister and #1 supporter. Fun, blunt, single and always looking to mingle, comedic - the right balance of righteous and ratchet, but most importantly: she's unapologetic about who she is and where she comes from. Keke Palmer with a flair of Amanda Seales.
Alto with a strong belt
Interviewer 1
A woman, man, or gender fluid/non-binary, any ethnicity, late 20s, early 30s. The person most responsible for single-handedly making Jamila's life more complicated than it already is!
Alto/baritone, strong rapper
Interviewer 2
A woman, man, or gender fluid/non-binary, any ethnicity, early-mid 30s. A friendly, mentor-type who only wants to see the best out of Jamila.
All types, all ethnicities late teens/early 20s with the ability to portray students, civilians, friends and bullies. LOTS of opportunities for singing, acting and dancing!
Hip-hop, R&B, and pop. Each license comes with the basic performance tracks (piano/bass/drums) and a piano/vocal score for rehearsal. The "Blow Your Beautiful Hair Back" supplemental performance tracks turn things up by adding all the drums, bass, keyboards, horns, strings and sound effects. 
Rehearsal tracks with vocal parts coming soon as a supplemental material (please let us know if you are interested!)
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