Artistic Stamp - Electra's Diary
Created by Shelley Butler and West Hyler
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e·pis·to·lar·y:  adjective.  Definition:  contained in or carried on by letters.

Come explore Electra's Diary, which centers around the adventures of an imprisoned teenage daughter of a king from an ancient Greek family.  Plot twist:  it's happening in contemporary times.  And Electra is pissed.

The audience becomes Electra’s confidante as they receive and reply to her and other characters' handwritten letters, advising her on the best path forward in a world full of danger and intrigue.  The audience actually shapes the outcome of the story.  Sharpen your pencils, everybody...

Artistic Stamp is the pioneer of the plays-by-mail genre and a Drama League award nominee for "Outstanding Socially-Distanced Theater." Taking audiences on interactive adventures via handwritten correspondence, you'll create an immersive theatrical world that connects actors and audiences through the power of the written word.  The letter writing experience has the option of culminating in a live theatrical performance, where audience and actors meet face to face.  

Electra’s world is a Game of Thrones style intrigue, with her mother, father, and brother all warring against each other. Incorporating elements from the plays Agamemnon, Iphigenia at Aulis, Electra, and Orestes - the epic story of the House of Atreus is told in the contemporary voice of an angry teenage girl.

Electra's Diary can be performed by as many or as few actors as you wish and can be played by actors of any background. Actors will exercise creativity and imagination as they improvise and craft their responses in the voice of the character. 
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