Jonathan Roufaeal
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Jon Roufaeal still can’t believe that he got to co-write, and perform in, a full-on musical based on comics’ most beloved spider-themed superhero.  In addition to Peter,Who?, Jon co-wrote and performed in the NYC Fringe-hit (back when there was a Fringe) Nightfall on Miranga Island.  He also performed in just about every iteration of the NYMF hit (back when there was a NYMF) POPE!  An Epic Musical.  When he’s not doing farcical musicals of high-adventure, Jon does improv and musical improv as often as he can at places like the Magnet, UCB, Nerdist (back when there was a Nerdist), iO West (back when…this is starting to get depressing), The Pack (that’s still going, right?) and his mom’s basement (though he just got a text the other day that his mom’s selling the house). 
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