The 46th St. Collective
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The 46th St. Collective is a group of students and educators that came together for nine months specifically to create Prospect High: Brooklyn. The educators worked under the banner of Roundabout Theatre Company’s Education Department and the students came from the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island to participate. With funding from TCG and the Fox Foundation to support the process and publication, the students shared real-life stories that were theatricalized, combined, and plotted into what is now this hard-hitting piece of co-authored theatre.

The members of The 46th St. Collective are Daniel Robert Sullivan, Chanique Peart, Paul Tanis, Aaliyah Stewart, Deshaye Tingling, Amanda Rodriguez, Isaiah Latimer, Jaylin Acosta, Shannon Deep, Rebecca Powell, Brandy Brown, Azaria Guthrie, and Rachel Friedman.

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